See Results from External Search Engines with Federated Search (Generally Available)

Salesforce makes it possible to search external content from within Salesforce with Federated Search. It’s now easy to connect external search providers to your org with the Salesforce OpenSearch connector. Users stay inside Salesforce to view Salesforce records and external search results, saving time and hassle. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

Available in: Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

The connector and the associated developer guide follows the OpenSearch specification, with more extensions. External search providers who conform to the Salesforce Federated Search API remain fully compliant to the OpenSearch specification and can be queried by any OpenSearch client. The Salesforce Federated Search Developer Guide is available.

Salesforce has also partnered with Coveo, Docurated, and Swiftype to make it easy to connect external search providers to Salesforce. Leveraging these partner’s services, you can search through the external repositories they serve. For example, Dropbox, Confluence, SharePoint. The process is the same as connecting external data sources to Salesforce.

When connected you search per usual. In addition to Salesforce records, results from external search engines appear right in the Salesforce search results page.

In Lightning Experience, you see where the results come from with an easy-to-find External Results section.

Results page with external results

On the search results page, go directly to the page by clicking the link. In addition, you can select the title of the external result to navigate to the detail page to view details about the external record or post comments.

Detail page

The URL for the record is front and center. Clicking the URL opens a new browser tab or, if the external search provider is a Salesforce partner, the URL opens as a frame inside Salesforce.

More information about how to Set Up and Manage Federated Search is available in Salesforce Help.