Get Social Customer Service in Professional Edition

If you have Professional Edition and want to set up Social Customer Service for the first time, you can do so easily and more economically than before. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

A new connected app links Salesforce with Social Studio without requiring API enabled access to your org. And API calls don’t count towards your API limits.

The first time you set up Social Customer Service for Professional Edition:

  • Integrate Twitter or Facebook through the setup flows for the Lightning Service Console. If you previously installed the Social Customer Service package, using the Service Setup flow or through Social Customer Service itself, uninstall the package before using the setup flow.
  • After you implement Twitter or Facebook integration from the setup flows, a new permission set named Social Customer Service Inbound Automation is added to your org. Don’t delete the permission set or change its API name (Salesforce_Social_Customer_Service_Run_As_User).
  • The new permission set is defaulted on for the Run As User, which during setup, is the admin. If you change the Run As User in your org, make sure that the new user has the permission set.