Move Them in, Move Them out: Import and Export with Record Types

Lightning Knowledge supports importing and exporting articles with record types for your Knowledge base. You can import articles and specify record types in the article import tool, ensuring that record types assignments in Salesforce Classic remain with your article in Lightning Knowledge.This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

With the move from article types to record types in Lightning Knowledge, imported articles can have record types assigned through the article import tool. The record type import capability means you will no longer have to add record types one-by-one on each record after import.

Considerations when importing with Record Types into Lightning Knowledge:

  • Make sure that Record Types have been configured in your org.
  • In your csv file for import, add a header "RecordTypeId" to specify the Record Type that you want to assign to each Article.
  • Add only one Record Type for each article.
  • Insert the ID for the Record Type into the csv file.
  • To locate the record type id: Salesforce Classic UI => Setup => Knowledge Object Setup => click a specific Record Type to see the ID in the URL.