No Files Left Behind with Lightning Knowledge

Quickly and efficiently import your Knowledge articles with related files into Lightning Experience from the standard article import node in Setup. The files related list lets you link files or other documents to your Lightning Knowledge ArticlesThis change applies to Lightning Experience only.

To import articles with attached files, use the standard article import node in Setup. The files then appear in the Files related list in Lightning Knowledge.

Considerations when importing files into Lightning Knowledge:

  • To ensure that your files show up in the right place, add a header called "Files" in your csv file for import.
  • File names can't exceed 255 characters.
  • If you want to attach multiple files to an article, use "+" in between file names in the import. For example: Directory/MyFile1.txt + Directory/NewFile1.jpg.
  • Wildcard file name matching is supported:
    • '?' Matches any single character.
    • '*' Matches any sequence of characters (including the empty sequence).
    • The valid wildcard pattern must be Directory/wildcardFileName (Directory is optional and does not support wildcard match).
    • If the wildcardFileName is matched, the file is associated to the article.