Check Out New Derived Fields for Knowledge

With new derived fields, the Knowledge Article Version (KAV) object has access to fields from Knowledge Article object. These fields are available for Listviews, Page Layouts, Compact Layouts, Search Layouts, and APIs, enabling you to see the total view count for an article when viewing a version record in a listview or a report. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
You can access the total view count as a field of the KAV object through SOQL, UI and the Rest API. The data can also be added to page layouts and compact layouts, and used in validation rules. Overall we've added five derived fields, including:
  • ArticleArchivedBy
  • ArticleArchivedDate
  • ArticleCaseAttachCount
  • ArticleCreatedBy
  • ArticleMasterLanguage

It’s important to note that certain features are not supported yet, including Report (CRT), Email templates, and Search layouts. In addition, ArticleCreatedBy and ArticleArchivedBy are not supported in validation rules, list views, and reports.