Considerations for Lightning Knowledge

Lightning Knowledge has some limitations. Consider the following as you decide whether to enable Lightning Knowledge. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.


Currently, Lightning Knowledge is best for orgs new to Knowledge or for existing orgs that only have one article type, have few data categories, and use single-language mode. Enabling Lightning Knowledge changes the Data Model of your org to use Record Types instead of Article Types. Orgs with multiple articles types require data migration to consolidate Article types before they can enable Lightning Knowledge. Currently, no migration tools are available for this process. IMPORTANT: Once Lightning Knowledge is enabled, it can’t be disabled. Test in a Sandbox or Trial org before enabling in production.

  • If you have multiple article types in Classic Knowledge, you can't enable Lightning Knowledge currently.
  • Lightning Knowledge doesn’t support multiple languages and translation. If multi-language is enabled in your org, you cannot enable Lightning Knowledge currently.
  • We recommend using Lightning Knowledge only if you have fewer than 300 data categories. If you have more, you can experience slower performance.