Lightning Knowledge: Generally Available

Lightning Knowledge, now generally available, brings customization capabilities to the Record Home page, the ability to import record types and related files to the Files Object, Knowledge set up in Lightning Experience, support for Communities and much more. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Available in: Salesforce Classic, Lightning Experience

Salesforce Knowledge is available in Performance and Developer Editions and in Unlimited Edition with the Service Cloud.

Salesforce Knowledge is available for an extra cost in: Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions.



Currently, Lightning Knowledge is best for orgs new to Knowledge or for existing orgs that only have one article type, have few data categories, and use single-language mode. Enabling Lightning Knowledge changes your Org's Data Model to use Record Types rather than Article Types. Orgs with multiple articles types require data migration to consolidate article types before enabling Lightning Knowledge.

IMPORTANT: After you enable Lightning Knowledge, you can't disable it. Test in a Sandbox or Trial org before enabling in production.