Supercharge Your Productivity in the Lightning Service Console App

To keep your support agents happy and efficient, we’re giving them some awesome new features. Keyboard shortcuts and split view let agents manage cases faster and with fewer clicks. Combine all that goodness with the new Omni-Channel utility, and your agents have even more power at their fingertips. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.

Walk Through It Walk Through It: Explore Lightning Console AppsScreen shot of the Service Console with callouts.

Keep Everything at Hand with Lightning Console Split View (1)
Support agents can expand and collapse a list of records from any record page in the console. Your agents can glance at a list of cases while working on one. Split view is enabled by default.
Less Is More—the Compact Case Feed (2)
If you’ve ever had a case that drags on and on, you know that the Case Feed becomes a very busy place. So we cut out much of the “noise” for your agents in the Service Console app. The Lightning compact case feed is enabled by default.
Drag Files onto Files and Attachments Related Lists (3)
To add files, support agents can drag them directly onto a Files or Attachments related list. Agents don’t have to use a menu to add files anymore. This feature is enabled by default.
Preview Case Details with Case Hovers (4)
Support agents can take a sneak peek at the details of a case, including the latest update. Talk about a time saver! Instead of opening a case to see the latest update in the case feed, agents simply hover over the case link. Case hovers are enabled by default.
Add the Omni-Channel Utility to the Service Console (Beta) (5)
To let your support agents work with Omni-Channel, add the utility to the Service Console app. Keep in mind that this utility has limitations.
Boost Productivity with Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightning Console Apps
Support agents can search for, edit, save, and close a case without touching a mouse! We’ve even got shortcuts to navigate tabs, open utilities, go to the publisher, list view, and even the item menu. With keyboard shortcuts, agents have more power at their fingertips. Talk about an efficiency and productivity boost! Keyboard shortcuts are enabled by default.
Work with Person Accounts in Lightning Console Apps
Support agents can view person accounts in the Service Console because they’re now fully supported in Lightning console apps.
Customize Console Apps with the Lightning Console JavaScript API (Pilot)
The Lightning Console JavaScript API provides JavaScript methods so that developers can programmatically control tabs, subtabs, and the utility bar in Lightning console apps.

This API brings the benefits of the Console Integration Toolkit, which works only in Salesforce Classic, to Lightning Experience and integrates with Lightning components used in Lightning console apps and the utility bar.