Navigate List Views with Your Keyboard

Keyboard navigation in list views now matches accessibility standards. You can navigate list views in navigation mode and action mode This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

You enter navigation mode when you tab to the list view the first time, which triggers focus on the first cell (1) in the table body. Use the arrow keys to move around the table. To return to the previous cell you were on, press Shift+Tab. To exit the list view, press the Tab key.

Navigate list views with your keyboard.
You enter action mode when you press Enter in a table cell, which triggers the actionable element in that cell, such as an edit icon. You can perform the following actions.
  • Move around the table using the arrow keys
  • Navigate to each actionable element in the table using the Tab key
  • Resize headers

To resize a header, navigate to the header by pressing the Up Arrow key. Press the Tab key to activate the column divider (2). Press the Left Arrow or Right Arrow key to decrease or increase the column width. To return to navigation mode, press the Esc key.

Resize columns in action mode.