Set Up Extended Mail Merge from Salesforce Classic Without a Call to Customer Support

Set up Extended Mail Merge to make it easy for reps to stay aligned on brand messaging when they communicate with prospects and customers. And you no longer have to call Salesforce Customer Support to get access to the product. These changes apply to Salesforce Classic only.

User Permissions Needed
To set up Extended Mail Merge: Customize Application
To set up Extended Mail Merge, first, enable the feature from Salesforce Setup. Then, create mail merge templates for your reps in Microsoft Word, authored with your preferred company messaging in mind.

After you upload mail merge templates to Salesforce, reps can generate mail merges directly from their Salesforce records.

Follow these steps to set up Extended Mail Merge for your reps.
  1. From Setup, enter User Interface in the Quick Find box, then, under Advanced, select Enable Extended Mail Merge.
  2. To maintain records of mail merged documents in Salesforce, select Save All Extended Mail Merge documents to Salesforce Documents.
    Otherwise, Word files under 3 MB are emailed directly to the rep who generates the mail merge.
  3. From Word, create a mail merge template using Salesforce merge fields.
  4. Upload the template to Salesforce so that your reps can access it. From Setup, enter Mail Merge Templates in the Quick Find box, then click New Template.