Use Your Classic Email Templates in Lightning Experience

Leverage all the work and planning that went into your Salesforce Classic email templates by using the same templates in Lightning Experience. You can use your Text, Custom HTML, and Letterhead email templates in Lightning Experience. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, and Unlimited Editions



You can’t use Visualforce email templates in Lightning Experience, but you can continue using them in Salesforce Classic.

When you insert an email template, change the filter to Classic Templates.

Classic email templates in Lightning Experience

Things to Know When You Use Classic Email Templates in Lightning Experience

  • The Lightning Email action layout must include the TemplateId field to display Classic email templates. The field is added by default to all Lightning Email action layouts.
  • Inserting a Custom HTML or Letterhead email template overwrites an automatic signature.
  • Attachments are read only, and you can’t add or remove an email attachment. You can download an attachment to verify the content.
  • To change the attachments that are part of a Salesforce Classic email template, switch to Salesforce Classic. In Setup, under Email > Email Templates, edit the template. Changes are reflected in the sent email, even if the changes aren’t seen in the email composer.
  • You can't forward an attachment in emails sent or received in Salesforce Classic or Classic email templates sent from Lightning email actions.
  • Externally linked CSS files are not supported. Although the CSS resource is displayed in the preview section in a Classic email template, externally linked CSS files aren’t supported by most email clients.

Merge Fields

  • Merge fields in the email template are resolved when the template is inserted, based on the values in the Recipient and Related To fields. If you change the Recipient and Related To values after you insert the template, the email content doesn’t update. You don’t need to preview the template to see how it looks after the fields have merged.
  • You can’t add, edit, or remove merge fields using the merge field modal.
  • Unresolved merge fields are removed when the template is inserted.

Text Email Templates

  • You can edit both the subject and the body.

Custom HTML Email Templates

  • You can’t edit the subject or body. This is also the case in Salesforce Classic.
  • You can’t pop out the email composer. The email must remain in docked mode.

Letterhead Email Templates

The behavior is the same as it is in Salesforce Classic.

  • You can edit the subject.
  • You can’t edit the header and footer.
  • Locked template sections remain locked and can’t be edited.