Sync Events in Both Directions Between Microsoft® Office 365® and Salesforce

Save your reps time and unnecessary data entry by setting up their events to sync between Microsoft and Salesforce. Reps can create and edit meetings from either application, and you can promote Salesforce adoption by making it easy for reps to relate important meetings to their records. This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app. This change also requires Microsoft Office 365 and Lightning Sync set up with an OAuth 2.0 connection and the sync direction Sync Both Ways.

User Permissions Needed
To prepare Exchange Online to communicate with Salesforce: Global administrator access to your company’s Office 365 account
To access Lightning Sync setup in Salesforce: Customize Application
To create, edit, or delete Lightning Sync configurations: Manage Exchange Configurations AND Manage Users
The option to sync events in both directions is designed for customers who are using:
  • Microsoft Office 365 for their company’s calendar needs
  • Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 to create or edit Salesforce events, because events created or edited in Salesforce Classic don’t sync with Microsoft Office 365

If that description hits home, you can start syncing your reps’ events in both directions. First, make sure you’ve set up Lightning Sync with an OAuth 2.0 connection to Microsoft Exchange. Next, select Sync Both Ways for events from your reps’ Lightning Sync configurations.

Keep in mind that selecting Sync Both Ways limits some Calendar functionality in Salesforce Classic. To learn more, check out “Lightning Sync Considerations” in the Salesforce Help.