Pin Lightning for Outlook to Make Efficiency Pop

Remember when reps had to reopen Lightning for Outlook each time they moved from one email to the next? Well, that isn’t always convenient. That’s why Lightning for Outlook is now pinnable. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic, and, for now, requires Microsoft® Outlook® 2016 on Windows operating system.
When pinned, as reps select another email, Lightning for Outlook remains open and refreshes to show records relevant to the newly selected email. So, reps continue working without interruption.
Pin Lightning for Outlook


To use this feature, reps have to upgrade to latest versions of Microsoft Outlook 2016 from the Microsoft Store.

  • Reps working on Office with the Current or Office Insider Channels need Outlook 2016 build 7668.2000 or later.
  • Reps working on Office with the Deferred Channel need Outlook 2016 build 7900 or later.
Contact your Microsoft or IT admin for help with the Outlook update.