Surface Duplicates Across Objects in Lightning Experience

Protect your company’s reputation and save your sales reps time. Do you use duplicate rules that match duplicates across objects (such as one of the new rules for detecting duplicates across contacts and leads)? Now you can use the Potential Duplicates component in the Lightning App Builder to surface those duplicates. Previously, you could surface only duplicates on the same object. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions

The Potential Duplicates component displays a message on record home pages in Lightning Experience. (You can also add or switch to a temporary toast message.)Alert: We found 2 potential duplicates of this lead. (link) View DuplicatesClicking View Duplicates shows that the lead record is duplicated by one other lead—plus one contact.Full list of potential duplicates, incuding two leads and one contactA rep who has permission to merge duplicates can merge records for the same object.