Handle Potential Duplicates More Easily in Lightning Experience

We’ve streamlined the way Lightning Experience alerts sales reps to duplicate accounts, contacts, and leads during the process of creating or editing a record. And during creating or editing, Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app all display a new customizable alert message.
Available in: Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce1
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Streamlined Handling of Potential Duplicates in Lightning Experience

When a sales rep is creating or editing a record in Lightning Experience, Salesforce handles duplicates a little differently depending on your duplicate rules. You can alert sales reps that they’re creating a duplicate or block new duplicates altogether. In Lightning Experience, the new, streamlined flow is less repetitive, and completing the process requires fewer clicks.

Suppose that a sales rep starts creating a record, entering a phone number that matches a phone number already in Salesforce. Salesforce shows a message with a link. The rep can save the new record or click View Duplicates to see the existing records.Duplicate warning that says: The record you're about to create looks like a duplicate, with a link: View Duplicates

In this example, the new record duplicates two leads and a contact (1), and Lightning Experience displays the new default customizable alert (2).

View Duplicates window showing records that a duplicate rule has matched to data entered by a sales rep. New customizable alert: "Use one of these records?"

If you block sales reps from creating duplicates instead of alerting them, a sales rep can click to view duplicates but can’t save a new one.Duplicate warning that says: This record looks like a duplicate, with a link: View Duplicates

New Duplicate Alert in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce1

If you customized the duplicate alert message before Summer ’17, the message isn’t changed. Otherwise, Salesforce displays the new customizable alert, “Use one of these records?” The part of the duplicate alert message that wasn’t previously customizable—“Did you mean one of these records?”—has been removed.