Subscribe Other People to Reports

You subscribed to the Opportunity Overview report and receive the report by email each morning. Now you can subscribe your whole team to the report, so everyone is up-to-date for the morning sync-up meeting. Either run the report as yourself, or as someone else. Recipients see emailed report data as the person running the report. Consider that they may see more or less data than they normally see in Salesforce. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

User Permissions Needed
To subscribe to reports: “Subscribe to Reports”
To subscribe other people to reports: “Subscribe to Reports: Add Recipients”
To specify who runs the report in a report subscription: “Subscribe to Reports: Set Running User”

To start or edit a report subscription, from the reports tab or from the report run page, click More Actions | Subscribe.

To subscribe other people, under Send To, click Select People and add recipients. You are included by default, but you can remove yourself once you add at least one other person.
  • Me — Only you receive the report.
  • Select People — People you specify receive the report. You are included by default, but you can remove yourself once you add someone else.
Under Run Report As, specify who runs the report.
  • Me — You run the report, and recipients see report data in the emailed report as you.
  • Another Person — Specify someone who has permission to run reports and who has access to the report.

When subscribed recipients receive report results by email, the email notes who they view the data as.

Subscribing to a report