Other Enhancements to Reports and Dashboards in Lightning Experience

We’ve made some small-but-notable improvements to reports and dashboards. These changes apply to Lightning Experience only.
Line and Bar Charts in Dashboards Display Up to 500 Groupings
For line and bar charts, including cumulative line charts and stacked bar charts, we’ve upped the number of displayed groupings from 200 to 500! All other chart types still show 200 groupings.
Dashboards Display a “Last Refreshed” Warning
If you haven’t refreshed a dashboard in more than 24 hours, the dashboard now lets you know with a helpful warning message.
Dashboard showing "last refreshed" warning
Dashboard Components Support Source Reports with Row Limit Filters
Show your top 10 opportunities in a dashboard by adding a component based on a report with a row limit filter. For more information about row limit filters, see “Filter a Report” in the Salesforce help.
In the Lightning Experience Dashboard Builder, the +Add Button is now the + Component Button
Because we’ve introduced a new button to add dashboard filters, + Filter, we’ve renamed the button to better reflect what it does.
+ Component and + Filter