Refine Your Content with a Streamlined Rich Content Editor and Dedicated HTML Editor

To improve how you edit your page content, we moved HTML editing to a dedicated HTML Editor component. No need to upgrade your existing Rich Content Editor components unless you want to edit the content. In that case, we prompt you to move the content to the appropriate new editor, either Rich Content or HTML.

We position the new editor right below the original, so it’s easy to compare and adjust your content. When you’re sure it looks good in the new editor, delete the old Rich Content Editor component.

Not sure which editor to choose? Try both! Compare the moved content to the original content in Preview and then delete the components you don’t need. Your changes are not live until you publish your community.

New Rich Content Editor

To create and edit simple rich content and quickly add links, images, and videos, use the updated Rich Content Editor. No need to edit the HTML directly. There are new tools to underline and add background color to text. If you prefer more formatting control and are comfortable working with HTML, use the HTML Editor instead.

Updated Rich Content Editor component

New HTML Editor

Did you work with source code in the original Rich Content Editor component? If so, you probably want to move to the dedicated HTML Editor. The moved content is more likely to display exactly like your original content.HTML Editor componentHTML Editor

The HTML Editor component supports most HTML tags, attributes, and values. Any exceptions are flagged in your markup.