Analyze and Improve Community Performance (Developer Preview)

The Salesforce Community Page Optimizer analyzes your community and identifies issues that impact performance. Use the information to refine your design and improve community performance for your members. The Page Optimizer is a free plug-in available from the Chrome Web Store. Download and install the plug-in as you would any Chrome extension.

The Salesforce Community Page Optimizer is available as a developer preview. The Community Page Optimizer isn’t generally available unless or until Salesforce announces its general availability in documentation or in press releases or public statements. All commands, parameters, and other features are subject to change or deprecation at any time, with or without notice. Don't implement functionality developed with these commands or tools.

The Community Page Optimizer is located with your other Chrome extensions. Community Page Optimizer


To analyze your community, navigate to your published community, load the page, and then launch the Community Page Optimizer. Community Page Optimizer Insights tab

The Insights tab (1) evaluates your page based on best practices for web applications developed using the Lightning framework. This tab displays an overall performance score (3) along with individual scores (5) for various analysis rules. To view details and suggested actions, click each rule. Click Popout (2) for more room to work.

Click Clear (4) to remove collected metrics. Perform some user actions on the page to collect new metrics and then reopen the Community Page Optimizer. For example, to gather performance metrics for liking a feed item, clear performance metrics, click Like, and reopen the Community Page Optimizer.

The Insights tab is conservative in providing recommendations. For further insights, consider reviewing the raw data presented on the Waterfall, Timeline, Charts, Cost, and Actions tabs.


The Waterfall tab displays all network requests and performance instrumentation data. Click a row to view contextual information in the sidebar. Click the arrow to the left of each row to expand the information for each row. Community Page Optimizer Waterfall tab


The Timeline tab provides a profile of each component’s rendering life cycle. The timeline view is optimized for displaying Lightning framework metrics, so it’s easier to interpret than Chrome DevTools.Community Page Optimizer Timeline tab


The Charts tab displays trending information about memory and components as customers use your page.Community Page Optimizer Chart tab


The Components tab displays the life cycle counts for each component on the page. This view helps you identify potential component leaks and unexpected rendering behavior. Use the Component tab along with the Cost tab for an overall view of component performance.Community Page Optimizer Components tab


The Cost tab displays the amount of time each component was busy processing its logic. The lower the time, the better the performance.Community Page Optimizer Cost tab


The Actions tab displays a list of all actions performed on the page, along with their timing information.


Export your analysis to a file to share with your development and support teams. Export your analysis to a file