Share Public Links to Your Files

For users with access, sharing files just got even easier. Create a public link to a file, then distribute the URL to anyone you want. Public link sharing was already available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Email. Now it’s available as a Files action in Lightning Experience and Communities.

Do you have files you’d like to share with prospects, customers, leads, or others outside of your community? Or do you sometimes want to share files by copying and pasting a link in a chat message, email, or social media? If so, public link sharing is for you!

When you create a public link to a file, anyone who has the link can view and download the file. You can delete the link at any time. If you later decide to make it public again, just create a new link. Only people with the new link can access it.

Create a Link from Chatter or Files List

It’s easy to create a public link to a file that’s attached to a question post. Just use the Public Link file action on the thumbnail in the feed.

Public Link on Attached File

From your Files list, choose Public Link for the file you want to create a link to.

Public Link from Files List

Create the link, copy it, and you’re done! Share it wherever you like.

Public Link Sharing Dialog