Simplify Your Style with Centralized Branding Properties

To streamline how you style your community, we provide an update that unifies the branding properties of the login pages with the rest of the pages in your community. Now, instead of styling the login pages separately in Community Builder, you can modify the appearance of all your pages from a single, centralized Branding panel. This functionality is available in communities based on Customer Service (Napili), Partner Central, and Lightning Bolt solutions.

Some old branding properties aren’t included in the updated Branding panel, and others map to different properties. Let’s take a closer look.

Old and updated branding properties, numbered 1-7

These old login branding properties... Map to these updated branding properties...
Background Color (1) Background Color (1)
Button Color (2) Action Color (2)
Button Border Color
Button Hover Color
Button Hover Border Color
Font Color (3) Text Color (3)
Error Font Color (4) Error Font Color (4)
Background Image (5) Background Image (5)
Card Background Color (6) Card Background Color (6)

Also controls card transparency

Card Border Color
Card Transparency
Font Family (7) Primary Font (7)
To apply the update and unify your community’s branding properties, go to Settings | Updates and click Update.


When you apply the update, your login pages lose several branding properties, but all other customizations are retained. After you update the template, reconfigure missing properties to make sure that the login pages are styled correctly.



To export a Lightning Bolt solution, you must first update your template.