Lightning Bolt: Package More Easily and Distribute on AppExchange

Exported and packaged Lightning Bolt solutions now include branding properties and Navigation Menu items, making it easier to reuse solutions. And if you’re a consulting partner or ISV, you can distribute Lightning Bolt solutions on the Salesforce AppExchange to connect customers to your custom offering.


Lightning Bolt solutions and community templates use the same underlying technology as Lightning Experience—namely, the Lightning platform and Lightning components—but you aren’t required to enable Lightning Experience to use them.

To export a solution, go to Settings | Developer in Community Builder.

When you export a solution, we now include the following items, so there’s less to configure when it’s used to create a new community.
  • Navigation Menu items
  • Branding panel properties
  • Administration settings (in Workspaces or Community Management) for the:
    • Change password page
    • Forgot password page
    • Home page
    • Login page
    • Allow internal users to log in directly to the community option
If you’re a consulting partner or ISV, you can publish your custom Lightning Bolt solution as a managed package to AppExchange. Market your solution with an AppExchange listing in the same way you list any other app, component, or consulting service. Describe your solution, pricing, support, and other details so that customers can determine whether your offering is right for them.


  • Before you can export a solution, you must first unify your branding properties.
  • For Navigation Menu items that link to objects, list views are reset to the default list view. Also, custom list views for standard objects aren’t included.
  • Custom styles in the CSS editor aren’t included.