Assign Topics Automatically to Articles in Communities

Make the most of all your hard work organizing Salesforce Knowledge by mapping topics to data categories in your community. All articles published with a specific data category are tagged with the topics you specify. And future articles added to the data category will also be tagged.

Here’s how it works.

Enable Automatic Topic Assignment in Content Targeting.


To use automatic topic assignments, you must first enable Community Workspaces in Community Settings.

Enabling automatic topic assignments

Select a data category group and a data category.

Automatic assignments enabled

Then add the topics that you want to assign to the articles under that data category.

Adding topics to articles in the data cateory

You can also select the option to add the topics to existing articles in the data category. The topics are then assigned to all articles in all data categories under the data category group. If you don’t select this option, the topics are added only to new articles added to the data category, and the existing articles remain unchanged.

After you click Save, it takes a few minutes to add the topics to existing articles. Topic assignments are community-specific. If you use the same article in two different communities, set up automatic assignments in both communities.

How does this work for translated articles? If a translation of a topic is available in Salesforce, the translated article is tagged with the corresponding translated topic. If there’s no translated topic in the system, localized articles are tagged with the base language topic.



You can’t automatically remove topics from articles. Instead, you must manually remove topics.

Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex support topic and article assignment.