Kick Off Optimizer with SalesforceA

Optimizer evaluates your implementation to determine how your company uses certain Salesforce features, then identifies ways that you can improve your implementation for your company. You can run Optimizer in sandbox or production environments to receive recommendations to improve features, clean up customizations, reduce complexity, and drive feature adoption. Optimizer is available in SalesforceA for Android version 3.1, and SalesforceA for iOS version 3.4.

To start your evaluation, go to the Resources page to kick off Optimizer. After our analysis is complete, we email you a personalized Optimizer report with advice and recommendations about how to improve your implementation.

Salesforce Optimizer

After we email you your Optimizer report, use the recommendations in your report to tweak features and settings to improve your implementation.

For guidelines about Optimizer, see Improve Your Salesforce Implementation with Optimizer in the Salesforce Help for more information.