New Branding Options and Geolocation Accuracy in the Field Service Mobile Settings Page for iOS

The settings page has additional branding tokens to further personalize the UI, while new settings let you control the calendar range of the date picker. Opt for greater accuracy with service resource geolocation tracking, or less accurate geolocation polling for greater battery life.
Give the app an aesthetic that fits your brand with these new branding tokens.
  • Feedback Selected: Controls the color of various elements in the user interface that indicate the user’s current selection.
  • Navbar Inverted: Controls the color of various text elements that guide the user through the app, including the date picker, map button, and list view picker.
We also added settings to control the calendar range for mobile app users, so users see only the parts of their schedule that they need. These settings limit how many days into the past and future your mobile workforce is able to select from the date picker on the schedule screen.
  • Past days in the date picker
  • Future days in the date picker
Enhancements to Service Resource Geolocation Accuracy settings let you choose to poll geolocation more accurately, or with less accuracy for enhanced battery performance.
  • Fine: Accurate to within 10 meters of the service resource
  • Medium: Accurate to within 100 meters of the service resource
  • Coarse: Accurate to within 1 kilometer of the service resource