Community Users Gain Access to the iOS App

Members of your Salesforce Community can be given access to the Field Service Lightning mobile app, letting you broaden your mobile workforce to include contractors more easily into your field service operation.
Give members of your Salesforce Community access to the Field Service Lightning iOS app. Just like any other user, they need a license to be able to use the app. They also must be given the permissions in the object permissions table, and have API access.


Flow actions are disabled for Community users. Consider creating quick actions for them to use instead.

Table 1. Object Permissions
Object Names Object Permission Needed Field Permission Needed
Contact Read Email, Name, Phone, Title
Resource Absence Read, Create, Edit Absence Number, End Time, Start Time, Resource, Type
Service Appointment Read, Edit Address, Appointment Number, Contact, Created By, Created Date, Owner, Parent Record, Parent Record Type, Parent Record Status, Category, Scheduled Start, Scheduled End, Status, Work Type
Service Resource Read, Edit Active, User
Work Order Read, Create, Edit
The initial login in as a community user is slightly different in the app than it is for standard users. On the initial login screen, community users will need to click the gear in the top right of the screen, then click the + to add the URL of your Salesforce Community. The URL can be found in Setup under Communities. When inputting the community URL, omit the prefix https://.