Know What’s in Salesforce Lightning Experience and What’s in Salesforce Classic

Everybody’s excited about Salesforce Lightning Experience and everything it offers. But we also understand that lots of organizations will continue to use Salesforce Classic—either exclusively for a few releases or in tandem with Lightning Experience as it evolves.
One key to success during this time of transition is understanding what’s available in one, both, or all the Salesforce experiences. To guide you, we’ve added experience information to these release notes at the highest level where that information applies: for entire clouds or for individual features within clouds. Let’s look at two examples.
  • Case Feed, a Service Cloud feature, is available in both desktop experiences, so its description says “This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.”
  • Topics, a new Communities feature, is available in Lightning Experience only, so its description says “This feature is new in Lightning Experience.”
If a key feature is also available in Salesforce1, our mobile app, we mention that in the feature description. But you can also check the Mobile section for a complete list of what's new in Salesforce1.