Create Concurrent Care Plans

Managing care for patients with multiple conditions just got a lot easier. Care coordinators can create concurrent care plans to view and manage patient problems, goals, and tasks in a condensed view in the console.
All Care Plans view

The patient card menu (1) provides quick access to any open care plan. The All Care Plans view helps care coordinators manage care plans, view plan details (2), and work on each care plan in its own tab (3).

Initially, only a patient’s primary care plan appears in the All Care Plans view. You can determine the primary care plan by viewing the value in the Care Plan field on the patient’s Account record. Care plans appear in the order in which they were created. Custom care plan record types give care coordinators flexibility in tracking and managing their patients.

During the conversion process, a primary care plan is created for every patient and added to the patient account. The Care Plan field on Account autopopulates, but you can add different care plans later on. Finally, you can create workflows to help care coordinators manage concurrent care plans more efficiently.

This option is enabled by default in new orgs. For existing orgs, you can enable the feature using the Feature Toggles setting in Health Cloud Custom Settings. You can disable the setting to allow only a single care plan per patient, if preferred.