Send a Patient List from the Analytics App to Health Cloud

Integrated Analytics lists let you use the intuitive Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud app to create a patient list and export it to the Health Cloud console. In the console, care coordinators can use these highly segmented lists to more effectively manage patients.

Use the Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud: Risk Stratification app to fine-tune and select a subset of the people in your care. Then select the option to have that list appear among the other patient lists in the Health Cloud console.

Send list to Health Cloud option in the dashboard

You can choose to create a list or add to an existing one.

When you send a list to the console, the list’s name is added as a topic to the Account record for every person included in the list. Topics are words or phrases that you can use to group Salesforce records by a common theme. You can use topics to filter list views.

You own the lists that you create. You can add a list to any other Analytics list that you have access to. For lists that you add to, the current ownership doesn’t change. So when you add to someone else’s list, they still own the list. Send List to Health Cloud dialog with options for creating a new list and adding to an existing one.

After you export the list, it’s available from the Select a List dropdown in the Health Cloud console.