Improve Service Cloud Adoption with Optimizer Analysis

Optimizer now analyzes whether your implementation uses certain Service Cloud features that can help your support agents work more productively.
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Optimizer reports on the adoption levels of these items in its analysis.
Lightning Service Console
Optimizer suggests that your support agents use the Lightning Sales Console so that they can access and update support records quickly and easily.
Case Feed
If Case Feed isn’t enabled, Optimizer suggests enabling it to help your agents collaborate on service records.
If Omni-Channel isn’t enabled, Optimizer suggests enabling it to route work items to agents efficiently.
If Macros isn’t enabled, Optimizer suggests enabling it. Use macros to streamline your agents’ most common workflows while they work on support records.
Keyboard Shortcuts
If your implementation doesn’t contain custom keyboard shortcuts, Optimizer suggests creating some to help your agents navigate Salesforce quickly.