Get Better Assistance with the Restyled Lightning Experience Migration Assistant

To guide you through the optimal path to enabling Lightning Experience, we’ve given the Migration Assistant an easier-to-use, wizard-style interface. The tools for assessing and previewing your org’s readiness, setting up features and users, and flipping the switch are now visible at a glance—and faster to access. Oh, and it’s also easier to find the Migration Assistant in Setup. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.
Available in: Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

Accessing the Migration Assistant in Salesforce Classic is a no-brainer now. From Setup, click Get Started in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant tile at the top of the menu. (From Setup in Lightning Experience, continue to access the Migration Assistant from the Lightning Experience link.)

Lightning Experience Migration Assistant tile in Salesforce Classic Setup Menu

We predict you won’t pine for the long, long Migration Assistant page of yore. The new Migration Assistant is a clean, concise wizard, with tabs that highlight the steps for transitioning to Lightning Experience.

Restyled Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, with highlight around tabs at the top of the page

The interface focuses on specific tasks, one at a time. But you aren’t restricted to going through the tabs in a sequential order. As before, you can use the Migration Assistant to run tools like the Readiness Check and the Preview whenever and as often as needed. Simply click the desired tab to get down to business.

Check Readiness tab in the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant