Preview Case Details with Case Hovers

Users can hover over cases to get a sneak peek at the details, including the description and latest update. No more opening the case record to get important information—talk about a time saver! Support agents who work with cases all day will appreciate this feature. Case hovers work automatically, so there’s nothing for you to set up. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

Screen shot of a case hover.

Case hovers work in all Lightning apps, including apps with standard navigation and console navigation. These handy hovers are specific to cases only. Case hovers work anywhere there’s a case number, except in list views.



Want to customize the fields displayed in the hover? Edit the case’s compact layout from the Object Manager in Setup. The case hover displays only the first five fields. We recommend using the Subject as the first field in your compact layout. The first field becomes the title of the hover. Keep in mind that the Highlights Panel and case hover use the same compact layout. If you change the layout for one, you also change it for the other.

You can’t customize the Latest Update section of the case hover. This section displays only one post. All post types are supported. For example, if the latest post was a post from a social channel like Facebook, that’s what displays in the hover. Pretty awesome, right?