Get the Right Tool to the Job with Parts Requests and Stock Transfers

Ensure your mobile workforce has the right parts in stock to get the job done every time. Manage your inventory and all transfers throughout a part’s life cycle. Track movements from requests to customer. Whether the parts are transferred from the warehouse to the customer or between technicians, your field service center has it covered.

Inventory management in Field Service Lightning starts with a product request. Technicians or mobile workers can make requests when they find defective parts in their trucks or their stock has run out. Dispatchers or service managers can create part requests for their technician’s inventory location when they see the stock getting low. Schedulers can create part requests when they schedule work orders needing specific parts not normally in a technician’s van stock.

Part Requests and Transfers consist of the Product Request, Shipment, and Product Transfer objects and the Product Request Line Items related list.

A Product Request represents an order for a part or parts.

Part Request detail page.
Product Request Line Item and Product Transfer are related lists on a Product Request. A Product Request Line Item represents an ordered part.


Currently, you can’t create product transfers for product items with serial numbers.

Part request line item related list


You can create a new product transfer from its related list on the product request. However, the product request isn't automatically associated. To associate it, select the corresponding product request line item from the drop down list of the Product Request Line Item field.

A Product Transfer records a part’s transfer to its new location.

Part transfer detail page

A Shipment tracks the part while it is in transit.

Shipment detail page