Optimize Scheduling with the Field Service Lightning Managed Package

The Field Service Lightning managed package version 2.0 is available. The package builds on Salesforce’s standard field service features to deliver a rich, highly customizable experience for dispatchers and technicians. You can download the package if you have the Service Cloud and a Field Service license.

The managed package comes with:

  • Scheduling and optimization: With a robust toolbox of work rules and scheduling policies, the scheduling engine optimizes resource assignments, considering skills, location, and your business objectives.
  • Dispatcher Console: With appointment lists, scheduling actions, Gantt chart, and an interactive map, the console gives dispatchers and supervisors a bird’s-eye view of all service appointments.
  • Administration app: A one-stop-shop for integrating and maintaining scheduling policies, global actions, sharing tools, and optimization rules.
  • Automatic user permission setup and updates: Set up your field service user permissions and keep them updated with the click of a button.

The Field Service Lightning Dispatcher Console lets dispatchers manage and monitor your mobile workforce to improve the efficiency and productivity in the field. Now you can ensure that the right job is routed to the right mobile employee and immediately see alerts for issues that need attention and take action. The Dispatcher Console helps you automatically schedule bulk jobs with just one click and monitor the service delivery in real time on a map or Gantt chart to give you better visibility and control of what’s happening in the field.

Version 2.0 has new features and usability improvements. The Fix Overlaps feature identifies conflicting appointments and reschedules them accordingly. Fill-in Schedule makes use of last-minute cancellation gaps so your mobile workforce isn’t left twiddling their thumbs. Street Level Routing, which is in beta, calculates more realistic travel times.