Get Ahead of the Game with Preventive Maintenance

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep your business and your customers up and running with preventive maintenance plans.

To prevent product breakdowns, generate work orders and service appointments based on your product and window for maintenance so your customers never miss a beat.

A maintenance plan has start and end dates, determines how frequently maintenance occurs, and allows you to automatically generate future work orders. It can relate to customers (Accounts), work types, assets (Maintenance Assets), and service contracts (only available in Salesforce Classic). You can generate work orders from a maintenance plan’s detail page or via the API.



To generate work orders, you must have “Read” access to assets and “Create” access to work orders and service appointments.

Maintenance plan details and work order generation

For example, suppose you have a maintenance plan with two assets that need service every month (frequency). You decide to generate your work orders six months in advance (generation timeframe). Each time you generate work orders, 12 work orders are created: six for each asset.



You can’t generate more than 2,500 work orders at a time. You can decrease the number of work orders generated by increasing the frequency, decreasing the generation timeframe, or decreasing the number of assets related to the maintenance plan.

A maintenance asset is a part or product covered by the maintenance plan. The Maintenance Assets related list on maintenance plan detail pages lists all assets related to the maintenance plan.

Maintenance plan related lists