Enjoy Profile-Based Access to Field Service Features

The Field Service Standard permission set license is a thing of the past! Users no longer need the Standard license to access field service objects. The Dispatcher, Scheduling, and Mobile licenses are remaining the same.

If Field Service Standard permission set licenses were already in use in your org, you’ll see the number of licenses listed as a negative value in your settings.

Existing permission set assignments will continue to work as before*. However, we now recommend that you grant access to field service objects via user profiles.

To add field service access to a user profile:
  1. In Setup, navigate to the profile you want to update and click Edit.
  2. Under Administrative Permissions, select Field Service Standard. (If you have the enhanced profile page, this setting appears under System Permissions.)
  3. Click Save.
  4. Under Standard Object Permissions on the profile, define the access level to field service objects.
  5. Click Save.
*If your org has a custom profile that includes access to the Location object, users with that profile now cannot access locations unless they have the “Field Service Standard” user permission. And in orgs created in Summer ’17 or later, field service permission set licenses can no longer include access to opportunities.