Embed Your Flows in Lightning Pages (Generally Available)

We’re rolling out a Flow component for the Lightning App Builder. You can now add flows to any Lightning page. All Lightning pages are available in Lightning Experience. App pages are available in all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Add the Flow component to your Lightning pages just like you would any other component.

Your flow might need the ID of the record that it’s operating on, but don’t worry! When you configure the Flow component for a record page, you can identify to which Text variable to pass the record ID.


Here’s how a flow called Survey Customers appears when embedded in a record page in Lightning Experience.

A flow embedded in a Record page

Changes Since Last Release

The Flow component is now supported for deployment, including with:
  • Packages
  • Change sets
  • Sandbox copies
  • Trialforce templates
  • Metadata API