Unshare a File

You can now remove sharing settings on a file from a library or record. Because sometimes when you giveth, you later need to taketh away.This change applies to Lightning Experience only.
Maybe you’ve updated information on a file and it’s no longer relevant to a record, oror the file no longer belongs in a library. Whatever your reasons, you now have the ability to unshare a file.
  1. On the file preview page or from the file actions list, select Share.
  2. Expand Who Can Access.
  3. Click the X next to the person or library with whom you want to stop sharing.

In order to unshare a file from a library, the file needs to be shared with more than one library. Sharing can be revoked from the secondary library, but not the primary library.

Admins can add the Prevent others from sharing and unsharing option to page layouts, letting users prevent further sharing of the file from the file detail page.

Revoke sharing from file sharing dialog