Convert Attachments to Files

You want to use the Files related list in Lightning Experience, but you’ve still got legacy attachments on your records. What to do? Convert them to files with the new Attachments to Files app from Salesforce Labs!

Attachments are the floppy disks of the files world, and they’re on their way out. You’ve probably already stopped using attachments in favor of the more versatile and powerful Salesforce Files. You can access files in Files home for collaboration, advanced sharing options, searching, and adding to libraries. Take the next step and convert your legacy attachments to files. Your reward? You can say goodbye to the Notes & Attachments related list and display the Files related list instead.

You can use the Attachments to Files tool to run bulk jobs that convert large numbers of attachments. Attachments are organized by the object they’re associated to. After the conversion, you can delete the attachments from the org to free up space.

Attachments to Files conversion

Users who have private attachments can also convert them to files. Because Lightning Experience doesn’t support private files on records, users can make a converted file public and keep it attached to the record. They can also choose to keep it as a private file, but it’s no longer attached to the record. Private files are located in Files home.

Private attachments conversion

Attachments to Files will be available on the App Exchange later this summer.