Better Understand Your Data Through Visualizations

Einstein Discovery surfaces causes and correlations to point your investigations in the right direction. It suggests unbiased answers so that you can focus on the metrics that matter. You learn why, not just what happened, and then what to do about it. Get answers to key business questions like, “What happened? Are there relevant patterns in the data that explain the behavior of the outcome variable?”, “Why did it happen? What’s the diagnosis behind the facts?”, “What will happen? Based on historical behavior, what can we predict about future behavior?”, and “What are effective options for dealing with the situation?”

The first visualization is a bar chart that presents the insights in the order of influence on the outcome variable that you specified on the Story Setup page.

Story insights
The Displaying section on the right lists the graphs in your story that you choose to view. Stories contain different graph types.
  • What happened
  • What changed over time
  • Why it happened
  • What could happen
  • How can I improve it

Interact with the graphs to explore the story.

Add an insight