There Are Lots of Shiny New Features for Streams

Streams have a new home page, new actions and filters, and a higher limit. Create up to 100 streams. Your Chatter home lists the five you most recently viewed. Set the frequency of notifications for Stream activity when you create a stream or from the stream itself. These changes are available in Lightning Experience.

Navigate to the new streams home by clicking the Streams heading on the Chatter home page. The new streams home lists all your streams and shows the people and records that you added. Each stream has its own row and its own set of row actions, including Edit and Delete.

Streams home with row actions

Click the number of records on a row to see a full list of people and records that you added to the stream.

Click a stream name to open it. The stream page has some new actions of its own. Use them to edit the stream, set up stream notifications, and delete the stream.

Action buttons on a stream

There are a couple of new filters, too. Choose All Updates to see everything, including Feed Tracked Changes (FTCs) in the stream. Choose Fewer Updates to omit FTCs from the stream.

Filters on a stream



Feed tracking tracks changes to objects and fields and posts them as updates in Chatter. Users who follow a record see the feed updates in their Chatter feed.

When you create a stream, new notification options are available in the New Stream dialog. The default is to send a notification for every new post (Every Post). The great thing is that you can now get notifications for new posts to record feeds. Streams notifications offer a brand new way to stay on top of active records! Notifications are sent to you via email and are pushed to your in-app notifications. If you like, you can change the default in the New Stream dialog or in the stream feed.

Notification options in the New Stream dialog

See Use a Record’s Follow Action to Add It to a Stream to learn more about how to add a record to a stream from the record home.

Chatter REST API supports stream notifications.