Is Your Post Reaching the Right People?

Posts in private and unlisted Chatter groups have a seen-by count that shows the number of people who have seen a post. Click the count to see the names of the people. This feature is available in Lightning Experience.

The Seen by link and dialog

What counts as being seen? Liking, commenting, editing, and viewing in detail. The actions you take in Salesforce Classic are tracked and counted, but only Lightning Experience shows the seen-by count and list.

A user permission, Hide the Seen By List, is available to disable this feature. Admins can use this permission to control which users see the count and the list.

Hide the Seen By List user permission



With a few exceptions, only people with access to a private or unlisted group see seen-by information. Users with Modify All Data or View All Data permission can get seen-by information using API calls. That is, their access is the same as with any feed item. If Hide the Seen By List is enabled for a user with Modify All Data or View All Data permission, the user doesn’t see seen-by information. Seen-by information is not available in any reports.

Chatter REST API and Chatter in Apex support seen-by information.