Use a Record’s Follow Action to Add It to a Stream

When you create a stream, the Follow button that appears on profile and record detail pages changes. A plus sign is added to it. It indicates that you can use the Follow button not only to follow, but also to add that person or record to a stream. You can also add them to a stream that you create on the spot. Groups get a new Follow in Stream action for adding the group feed to an existing stream. This feature is available in Lightning Experience.

Don’t see the stream options on the Follow menu? Create a stream! Here’s what the changed Follow button looks like.

Follow button with stream options

Here’s how Follow options look on a profile.

Follow options on a profile

Here’s how they look on an opportunity.

Follow options on a record detail

Here’s the Follow in Stream action on a group.

Follow in Stream action and dialog

You can still simply follow a person or a record. Use the What I Follow option to show the profile or record’s activities in your What I Follow feed. To follow a group, join it.