Discover People to Follow and Groups to Join

Personalized Einstein Recommendations on the Chatter home page help you find the people and groups that most closely relate to your job and interests. The more recommendations you accept, the more relevant your feed becomes. This feature is new in Lightning Experience.
Einstein Recommendations include people who:
  • Follow the same people as you
  • Are in your management hierarchy, such as your manager, people who report to your manager, and people who report to you
  • Have many followers
  • Are new to Chatter
  • Are interested in the same records as you
  • Are often followed together with people and topics you already follow

    For example, let’s say that you follow Madison Rigsby. Many people who follow Madison also follow Suzanne Powell, so Einstein recommends Suzanne to you.

Einstein Recommendations include groups that:
  • Have many members
  • Have many members that you follow
  • Are new

The Groups, Files, Followers, and Following lists that previously appeared on the Chatter home page now appear on your profile page.


Recommendations on the Chatter home page