Log a Call Action Available for Lightning Experience

Lightning Experience has a new Log a Call quick action optimized for the case feed. You’re no longer limited to the global action, which didn’t have all the features of Log a Call in Salesforce Classic, such as autopopulating the case contact and autolinking the call log to the case. Now, Log a Call actions for Lightning and Classic work the same: yay. This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.

The Lightning-optimized Log a Call action resides in the case page layout editor under Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions and under Quick Actions. You now see two Log a Call actions under Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions, and three under Quick Actions.

So how can you tell which one you want?

Hover over each to check the attributes. The Name and Create Feed Item attributes show what’s different.

Salesforce Classic Case Log a Call Quick Action Global Log a Call Quick Action Lightning-Optimized Case Log a Call Quick Action
(Salesforce Classic UI only) (All UIs) (All UIs)
salesforce classic case log a call quick action in page layout editor global log a call quick action in page layout editor lightning-optimized case log a call quick action in page layout editor

Name: Case.LogACall

(creates feed item by default)

Name: LogACall

Create Feed Item : Yes1

Note: the Target Object field doesn’t display under Salesforce1 & Lightning Actions.

Name: LogACall 2

Create Feed Item : Yes1

1 An admin can change the Create Feed Item value for the Global and Lightning-optimized Case quick actions. So what you see in your org might not match what’s listed above.

2 When creating this action, “Case.” is appended to the name when you save it.

Some other things to know:
  • In new orgs, the Lightning-optimized action is on the case page layout by default.
  • When creating case page layouts, use the Lightning-optimized action.
  • If your org is using the Salesforce Classic Case quick action, manually replace it with the Lightning-optimized one using the page layout editor.