View, Create, Edit, and Delete Case Comments

View complete case comments in the case feed for Lightning Experience. You can also see complete case comments in the Case Comments related list, where you can edit or delete them. And you can create a Lightning Experience quick action for creating case comments that you can add to a page layout. This change applies to Lightning Experience and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app.


If you already have a Case Comments related list on a record page, users can see complete case comments, and edit and delete them, by default. To enable users to create case comments from the publisher, create a quick action.

case comment quick action in the publisher

To create a Case Comment quick action in Setup, enter Object Manager in the Quick Find box, then select Case. Select Buttons, Links, and Actions, then click New Action. When creating a Case Comment quick action, use the following settings:
  • Object Name: Case
  • Action Type: Create a Record
  • Target Object: Case Comment
  • Standard Label Type: None
  • Label: Case Comment (suggested)
  • Name: (auto populates)
  • Create Feed Item: Selected (default)
Clicking Save takes you to the Edit Layout page, where you can customize the fields displayed by the quick action. There are some known issues with Edit Layout (the same as in Salesforce Classic):
  • The Body field is always required, even if Required isn’t selected in its Field Properties dialog (invoked by double-clicking the field).
  • The Public field is available only if you have Communities enabled.
  • The Public field is labeled Published in the quick action layout editor.

You can add a Case Comments related list using the page layout editor. Your agents can view, edit, and delete comments from the related list.

Some things to let your users know about:

  • If you edit or delete a comment from a Case Comments or an Email related list, the feed doesn’t automatically refresh. You need to refresh the page (or the tab in the console) to see your changes.
  • If you sort a Case Comments related list and then refresh it or close and return to it, your sort preferences aren’t saved.

Case Comments in Salesforce1