See Email Attachments in the Case’s Attachment Related List

We’ve made it easier for your agents to identify attachments that originated from customer emails or that were sent to customers via email. On any case page that includes the Attachments related list, agents see email attachments in the related list. Previously, email attachments weren’t displayed. This feature is enabled by default. This change applies to Lightning Experience only.


Let your agents know that they can also drag files onto the related list!

Attachments from emails are displayed with an email icon.Screen shot of an Attachments related list showing email attachments.

When an agent clicks View All on the Attachments related list, the Source column lists from where the file originated.Screen shot of an Attachments related list's list view.

If you’re using Email-to-Case, make sure that your agents know about this productivity booster.

If you don’t want to see email attachments, disable the Show Email Attachments in Case Attachments Related List preference on the Support Settings page in Setup.