Einstein Analytics, the New Name for Wave Analytics

Wave Analytics is now “Einstein Analytics.” Einstein Analytics includes Einstein Data Discovery, which is now “Einstein Discovery.” The prebuilt Wave apps also have modified names.

The Einstein Analytics documentation and interface use the shortened product name “Analytics.” We’ll apply the new name throughout the product and translate the documentation in phases, starting now and continuing through the Winter ’18 release.

To open Analytics, click Analytics in the app picker—the option is no longer “Wave Analytics.” You’ll find similar label changes in the Analytics interface, like the ones shown here.
The Analytics home page tab shows options with "Analytics" instead of "Wave."
Prebuilt Analytics apps all have new names, too, as the table shows.
Previous Name New Name
B2B Marketing Wave Analytics B2B Marketing Analytics
Event Monitoring Wave Event Monitoring Analytics
Field Service Wave Analytics Field Service Analytics
Sales Wave Analytics Sales Analytics
Service Wave Analytics Service Analytics
Wave for Financial Services Cloud Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Cloud
Wave for Health Cloud Einstein Analytics for Health Cloud