Keep Your Team Productive and Customers Happy with New Service Wave Dashboard

The Service Omni dashboard, just added to Service Analytics, helps you assure that you’re using your service agents as effectively as possible.

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Service Wave Omni Dashboard

Like all the app’s interactive dashboards, the latest Service Wave dashboard helps managers and agents better understand customers and what makes them happy. The Service Omni dashboard gives managers insight into agent utilization based on Omni-Channel work record tracking. The dashboard tracks information about the assignments your agents work on, including the queue, channel, status, and speed to answer. Key performance indicators can help you allocate resources to meet demand and break up any logjams. You can also learn how long agents are active and how long they take to handle cases.

Service Omni and the other recently added Live Agent Chat dashboard round out the service manager’s experience, and help you discover actionable insights to improve every channel and customer conversation.