Sales Analytics: Smarter Selling and Sales Process Optimization, Now Faster than Ever

The new version of the app features fast app creation, easy inclusion of quotas data with collaborative forecasts, and the new Team Activities dashboard.

User Permissions Needed
To use Sales Analytics: Use Analytics Cloud Templated Apps
Access Sales Cloud Templates and Apps

We’ve just added a Basic creation option to Sales Analytics that lets you get started fast. Additionally, the app supports the Sales Cloud Collaborative Forecasts feature, which lets you include quotas data in dashboards without manually importing a .CSV file. And the app now includes the Sales Stage Analysis and Team Activities dashboards to give you more insight into sales processes.

Sales Analytics helps your entire sales team unlock the full power of Sales Cloud data. With the app’s interactive dashboards based on best practice templates, KPIs, and pipeline trending, it’s never been easier to build a winning sales team.

Your Choice: Basic (Fast) or Custom App Creation

Sales Wave app creations options

Sales Wave now gives you a choice of how you create your app:

  • Basic creation. Create the app with one click without using the configuration wizard. Basic creation uses standard, default settings.
  • Custom creation. Use the configuration wizard to choose your own, custom settings to reflect the way you and others on your team want to view data. If you choose this option, the wizard asks you to choose Salesforce objects to add to Sales Analytics. Select the ones you want based on how you use Salesforce and what data you want to see in the app.
Sales Wave compatibility check

When you create your app, Sales Analytics first checks your org to be sure it has the required data to successfully create all the app’s datasets and dashboards. If it doesn’t, error messages tell you what you need to add to your org before creating the app. The compatibility check determines the following:

  • Default settings to use for Basic app creation.
  • The questions and possible answers you see in the configuration wizard you use for Custom app creation.
  • The objects you can choose to add to the app.

Collaborative Forecasting

Support for collaborative forecasting gives you a great way to get quotas data in the app’s dashboards. It also makes it easier to drill into forecast data in Sales Analytics dashboards.

If you use the Sales Cloud Collaborative Forecasts feature to store quotas, you no longer have to manually upload a quota .CSV file to Sales Analytics for quotas to be shown in Sales Wave dashboards. During the compatibility check, the app checks to see if your org uses Collaborative Forecasts. If it does, Sales Analytics automatically adds data from the Forecasts object during Basic creation. If you choose Custom create, Sales Analytics includes a question that lets you add Forecasts data.

What if your org doesn’t use Collaborative Forecasts, or if you don’t store quotas data using the feature? Create a .CSV file based on quotas data you store outside Salesforce and import it into your app. See

Collaborative forecasting also makes it easier to visualize forecasts in Sales Analytics dashboards. That can help you more easily fine-tune forecasting metrics, for example by comparing opportunity forecasts to forecast adjustments. The app also supports the Salesforce Collaborative Forecasting Hierarchy, and you see forecast manager names instead of role names in dashboard widgets.

Team Activities Dashboard

The new Team Activities dashboard gives team leaders insight into what reps have been doing to keep on top of their accounts. Look at each rep’s total, completed, and overdue tasks for a given period. Review each member’s calls, events, emails, and tasks. And review details for accounts.